Landscape Lighting

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Security landscape lighting, also known as outdoor lighting or architectural lighting, is a low-voltage lighting system that illuminates the outdoor areas of your home. Not only does your house look gorgeous at night, landscape lighting offers visitors and occupants a safe and well-lit environment.

In addition, a well-lit home is a large deterrent to would-be intruders and can save you hundreds on your homeowners insurance due to increased safety and security. Imagine being able to easily find your keys at the front door, avoiding missteps on the walkway, and having lights to help you see where to park at night.

Security landscape lighting can also increase the value of your home. Real estate agents estimate a 45% return on this investment, however the increase in curb appeal and security features goes a long way in increasing the perceived value.

Safety and elegance come together in a total design including uplighting, downlighting, pathway lighting, and feature lighting to enhance the best features of your home and create well-lit pathways for nighttime safety and convenience. Our experienced and courteous staff of professionals know what it takes to create the most stunning effects using light, shadow, and brilliance.

Security landscape lighting allows you to use your outdoor spaces – even at night. Pools, patios, decks, and verandahs come alive and provide great spaces for entertaining friends or relaxing with a cool drink.

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